"God is ________."


From the opening pages in scripture, in the creation narrative, God the Creator begins to reveal who He is. Through His character and nature, He unveils the depths of His heart. In a broader sense, this is called theology. Theology defined is specifically “the study of God.” It is the revelation of who God says He is, on His terms. God has revealed and is revealing Himself in and through the bible. We believe that all scripture, every word, every syllable, every dot on every i, every story reveals more and more who God says He is. The Word of God draws us to the author of the story. It woos us. It beckons us. It invites us, to the living God.

At its foundation, then, theology is God revealing his character and nature. Theology is who God says He is on His terms. Brennan Manning writes that theology is "faith seeking understanding." Traditionally, scholars and theologians have called these “attributes of God.” These attributes offer a glimpse into the mystery of God. The attributes of God are innumerable. The study of His character and nature is inexhaustible. It's mind-blowing to think that we can actually know God, yet it's fascinating to ponder that we can never exhaust the bottomless ocean that is God. In every nook and cranny of this world, God is exposing who He is and telling His story, from the unknown depths of the oceans to the height of Everest. From the sheer magnitude of the universe beyond us to the complexity of the universe within us. From the miracle of birth to the burden of death. Amongst fauna and flora, He is telling His story.

He is inviting us to know Him.



Join us starting tomorrow, Nov. 1st through the 27th on a journey through the character and nature of God as we prepare for the ADVENT season ahead.