He is an artist with an insanely wild imagination.



In the beginning was absolutely nothing, but God was there. In perfect community, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit moved. In total harmony, the fullness of God collided with the vast emptiness...

and everything changed.


God created.

By the sound of His words,

with the breath of His lungs,

in complete authority, reign, and rule;

He created -- everything.

All of creation overflowed with purpose and meaning. Every babbling brook, every lush valley, every note sung by every bird in every corner and every nook revealed the heart of the creator. The unexplored heights of every mountain peak. The unknowable depths and enormity of vast bodies of ocean waters. The intricacies that enable ecosystems to sustain and sing. All of creation exposes the grandeur of its maker and king. Light pierced the darkness... sun, moon, stars. Sky separated from land and water... Mountains, hills, prairies... Oceans, lakes, rivers and babbling streams. Trees, plants, shrubs and flowers. Animals everywhere... Roaming, flying, slithering, and swimming. Blue whales and grasshoppers, galaxies and stars, lions and llamas, redwoods and fescue.

Not one miscue.

Nothing needed rescue.


God is CREATOR.