Psalm 103 tells us “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.”


This seems to be the continued message of the Old Testament. The writers of the scriptures weren’t shy about their confessions, both personal and communal. The scripture is chalked full of admissions of the lengths to which we fall short of the glory of God…


But more often than not this line is connected to those confessions (as it is in Psalm 103)


The Lord is merciful


The Lord is gracious


The Lord is slow to anger


The Lord is abounding in steadfast love


God meets us in the depth of our rebellious defiance and his response is patience. He is slow and merciful and gracious and steadfast. He knows we are but dust. He knows we are here today and gone tomorrow. Fragile and fickle, we stumble through life swinging wildly between righteous and dastardly all the while, God patiently calls us to him.


There is reason for this.


In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader there is a scene where Azlan the lion is getting ready to depart from the young Lucy again and she is sorrowful. She asks him when she’ll see him again and his response is simply “soon”. Not fully satisfied, Lucy asks what soon means for him. His response is wonderfully hopeful.


“Daughter, for me all time is soon”


You see God sees all of us. He sees our lives behind us and in front of us and everything in between. He knows where we are, but he also knows where he is bringing us.


God’s patient call to us is a perpetual soon. He knows where we are headed and he is taking us there.


Soon we’ll be with him. Soon we’ll be like him. Soon we’ll be truly alive. Soon He’ll change everything.


And so this is our world. Us toddling along toward the gospel tripping and falling and bruising our knees and thanking God for his loving patience…


…And God patiently, lovingly, calling us to the soon he can so clearly see for his children.


Thank you God for your patience. For your Long suffering. For your constant call.




Guest Author: Sam Tunnell; West County Church; St. Louis, MO