He mends the broken; He restores the crushed; He satisfies the thirsty.



O LORD my God, I cried out to You, and you healed me.

Psalm 30:2


I thought healing was only needed for the physically wounded. I never took thought as a child or even a young adult, that perhaps healing is offered for the lonely, afflicted, hurt, mourning, brokenhearted, lost, desperate sinner.


It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with my brain tumor, while having a husband who was working two full time jobs, three children three years old and younger, and would be desperate for healing. I soon realized that the healing I so desperately needed and longed for, was really in my heart. I have sat in the trenches, the outskirts of loneness so many times over the last 3 years, especially, so desperate for a touch from the Lord.  He has allowed me to remain in a place of solitude, not physically, but, a solitude within my heart. A place where, I could draw so near to the only One who brings understanding and truth, to a place where the lies of this world, had rooted so deep that I never thought I would recover. You know, the place where, you have absolutely no control. That is where I have resided. On the airplane, filled to the max capacity, my husband and children surrounding me, as I loose control, in a panic attack. Where people turn and stare. Sitting helplessly in the doctor’s office hearing my tumor remains steady. Bringing physical aches, yet, not large enough for the naked eye to bring notice.

It has been in the place of intimacy with the Lord, that I’ve cried from the deepest place I have, for healing. Just as the ‘bleeding woman’ (from Mark Chapter 5) crawled out of solitude, so desperate and faith filled through the crowds, because she knew with full faith, that with just once touch from Jesus, she would be healed. He knew her touch. There were so many people reaching out for Him that day, but, I can imagine in her weak and weary desperate state, she knew she had to crawl out of solitude, no matter the cost, so she would be healed.


Maybe, just maybe, if we would cry out, for whatever healing we are in need of, from the trenches or mountaintop, we would be healed. Healing doesn’t always look like we would think it would. For me, my physical healing may not be for this side of heaven, and that is ok with me, as long as God continues to know, I’m reaching for His garment hear on earth. Healing comes to the ones who reach out. So, I will remain here, until His faithful work for my heart is done.




Guest Author: Kim Fox Peyrouse - Denver, Colorado