This all matters; You were placed here to leave a legacy of the glory of God. 



There is an innate beauty in the word design to me. It could point to something so creative and whimsical as art or music or it could be describing something as functional as a table that was constructed for basic uses as eating dinner.

Both are so necessary and yet beautiful.

The beauty lies within the story; for art or a song becomes necessary when words fail to convey our emotions and a table tells a story when it's surrounded with people filled with love and experiences.

And as the carpenter designs a table and the writer designs a song, God has so beautifully designed every person with their own purpose and meaning.

He designed a world with us in it that would benefit from each and every one of us. However unlike the art or the table we face a danger they cannot. That danger is to forget. We have the ability to forget that we've been given a purpose, bestowed with meaning, a need that we were so specifically designed to fulfill.

When we forget we were designed we forget our purpose.

When we forget our purpose we forget our identity. Fight to remember every day that you were designed for a purpose with an identity. For It is when we lean into that understanding that we can live better and love better. The more I see people look to themselves for the answers they're so desperately looking for, the more I see them lose themselves. Its when we look to our designer that we will find a purpose that will bring us more joy than we could imagine, more purpose than we can imagine and in the end more freedom than we could've dreamt possible.




Guest Author: John Harder