May we never forget our inadequacy; He is sufficient, He is enough, He is more.


They reached the deep waters and did exactly as they rabbi had instructed. They cast out their nets and then anxiously waited. All the men were leaning over the side of the boat, eyes fixated on the calm water.


Nothing suddenly meets overwhelming surplus.


Empty became over flowing fullness.


Exhaustion became exhilaration.


Sorrow turned to joy.


There was such a large number of fish their nets began to rip at the seams. The haul was too much for them to take on their own that they had to signal the other boat for help. They managed to pull the nets up and fill both boats so full that both vessels began to sink.


Astonished silence followed by an eruption of joy filled the air, but Simon understood something more had just happened. The overwhelming gratitude at the immense reality of the undeserved windfall was met with fear, and Simon threw himself at the feet of Jesus in an act of submission. Whatever he had just experienced, he knew it wasn't mere coincidence and he knew he didn't deserve it. All he knew to do was throw himself at the mercy of the one from whom the gift had come. He knew he was standing in the presence of greatness.


Jesus responded to Simon's fear only as a good Father could. Jesus pursued. Jesus gently reveals to Simon his overwhelming need, and meets him there in his brokenness, then invites him into more. In a sense, Jesus says, "Simon, I see you. I know you. I want you." Jesus lifts Simon up from despair and hopelessness, sets his feet, opens his eyes, and invites him forward.


The sinking boats pull up to shore with the catch of a lifetime and suddenly the fish become irrelevant. Jesus steps out of the boat, and Simon along with his partners, James and John, walk away from everything and follow their rabbi, Jesus.


Why would they walk away now?

Business has never been better. Profit margins have never been higher. They stand on the threshold of a lucrative future and a comfortable living, and then just walk away. It just doesn't make sense.


What makes a man walk away from the best opportunity of his life?


A better way.


They had just experienced an inexplicable, nature defying, powerful display of authority.


Are you staying with the fish or following the one who has dominion over the fish?


Wherever we see the demonstration of God's authority, resurrection is in the air. Their hearts, minds, and souls had just been filled with awe.


This is the invitation of the gospel.


Jesus says, "follow me. I want to take you somewhere. I want to do something, and I want you to join me."