Maintaining the Mystery...


The gospel is a declaration that the impossible is possible. That GOD is able to do what we could not and cannot. It’s a historical account of God showing up in the most incredible ways and using unlikely everyday people to do extraordinary things. The climax of the scriptures is Jesus resurrecting himself from death! Let that sink in for a moment… Burning bushes, parted seas, and giant fish have nothing on coming back from the dead after 3 days. When GOD first saved me my faith was so big. GOD had done so much to rescue me from the grip of my own darkness and bring me into His marvelous light. I truly believed that if GOD could save a sinner such as me then he could do anything! But over time that child-like faith waned. The magic was gone. unfortunately It seemed that the longer I spent time in church the smaller GOD became to me. Don’t get me wrong it was nobody’s fault but my own.  You see —  My life no longer required the impossible. I went to church, read my bible, attended small groups but all of it was well within my ability to control. I began living a good moral life that required nothing from GOD. This is where the mystery and magnificence of GOD goes to die.

 GOD however is too kind to leave us there in that place. After a while the status quo (as “christian” as it was) became too much for my wanderlust to handle. Is this all there is? What happened to all-consuming fire that first captured my affections? Where was that GOD? Little did I know that holy discontentment was GOD himself wooing me back into the wonder and awe of His redemptive purposes. He awoken my soul by the dissatisfaction for the status quo.

I thank GOD for that — but where did I go wrong? Well for starters I based my faith on my own limitations and my own comfort.

You see when our faith is based on GOD’s promises we are forced into an impossible task… It’s like when GOD promised Abraham and Sarah that they would father many generations but they were both too old to have children. GOD’s promises force us to embrace the mystery of GOD’s power.

Our faith is predicated on GOD not being limited to the same boundaries and rules that we are limited to. Our limited understanding of what is possible is what often times hinders our faith in GOD.


You want to maintain the mystery? Do you want to exercise faith? Then discover what GOD is doing and do that!


by: David Comstock