We are control freaks.

We exist in an on-going, and ever-increasing tension revolving around control. We naturally clench our fists and tighten the grip on control, while equally sensing the adherent loss of control.

There is more than just loss in our battle with control. There is invitation.

THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT TRUTH, especially for us as we begin this advent season, because the reality of the loss of control can really freak us out!

On one hand we have RESIGNATION. We know it all too well, the true ideology of our day --- "well, it is what it is". This breeds CYNICISM --- "look around you, this is as good as it gets". The rampant epidemic of cynicism has created wanderlust and wonder-loss.

Unable to be present and unable to imagine more.

If cynicism roots we will grow hardened in our hearts, hardened in our spirit, and we will lose AWE.




Wonder can’t be packaged, and it can’t be worked up. It requires some sense of being there and some sense of engagement.

Eugene Peterson


We will fight this war every year at Christmas --- "prepackaged wonder" which gives us a false sense of engagement. And then just as quickly as it came, poof! It's gone. Back to reality. Back to the grind. Back to disengagement.