DAY 02


Ephesians 3v16

"...that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being..."


We exist for no greater purpose than to glorify God by pointing to the fullness of His glorious provision in Christ! It is in Him only that we finally find shalom. Jesus is better. He is the answer. He is life. Teaching our children to look there first is the task that lies before us as parents. We were born into the belief that we are the center of all that exists. For so many years, we believed that the earth was the center of our solar system. I think the same thing is true for us individually. We live as if we are the center of all that is important, which is why we have paltry and petty taste for the lesser things of this world rather than eternal taste for the things of God. If we become the center, then we can only offer what we have: broken, insufficient, powerless, and agenda-filled effort. We operate out of our utter deficiency in place of Christ's fullness (Ephesians 1v3). It is an impossible task and causes a constant state of exhaustion and frustration. The more we begin to see Christ as the center of all that exists, the more we look to Him for meaning and purpose. The more we look to Him for meaning and purpose, the more we will find it. In Him there is life. Where we find Him, we will find rest. Right now, as a family, we are helping our children to look up. The concept is that we spend so much time trying to satisfy our own desires that we rarely look up to see the way that Jesus is at work, the way he alone is quenching and satisfying our thirst.

We walk this earth with our eyes fixed on ourselves and we miss the center; we miss the life; we miss Christ. Jesus is better! Helping our children to look up just might lead them to fixing their eyes on Christ. Think about how most suburban American parents relate to their children: soccer, ballet, guitar lessons. Everything is always about them and has them at the center. I am not saying those things are bad. Those things can be amazing! But if we do not learn how to teach our kids the value of others and the value of sacrifice, then they will have a hard time spotting Christ.

May our children come to find that they exist for a greater purpose beyond themselves.