DAY 04


Ephesians 3v17

"so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith-that you, being rooted and grounded in love..."


In Eden, we find the heart of God on full display. From his perfection and goodness, He designed all that is perfect and good. It's hard for us to understand the beauty of Eden because we've never experienced true Eden. But we can imagine the beauty when we recognize the things we do not find in Eden, the very things we spend most of our lives trying to escape. Grueling work, difficult relationships, failed parenting, strained friendships, even the shame of the lack of personal holiness. Life feels as if there is always a constant current of opposition flowing against us, doesn't it? Sin taints everything and makes all of life so much more difficult. It becomes hard to find joy at work. It’s difficult to sustain oneness with our spouse. We constantly feel like we are looking failure in the eye. As parents, friends, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and disciples of Christ, failure seems to lurk around every corner. “Not good enough” follows closely behind.

Eden reminds us that God's design is not congruent with common experience. God is good, and His plan of redemption is bringing us back to a place of His goodness. If we do not keep Eden in mind, we might think that this present struggle represents God more than the goodness of Eden would. If we do not keep Eden in mind, our hearts can become numb or bitter and we stop looking to God for refuge and relief and stop hoping in God for our rescue. We will find short-lived refuge in temporary things instead of an abiding home in God. Our invitation as parents is to help our children, to guide them to the heart of the Father and the great hope in His love. Our call is to journey with them, to show them so they can see and know God's heart for them. We are to pilgrimage in His goodness, set our feet in His perfection, and experience belonging. Eden is our first picture of the goodness of God, and it is that very goodness on which we need to learn to rely every day.

He is home.