DAY 05


Ephesians 3v17

"so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith-that you, being rooted and grounded in love..."


I send my 11-year-old daughter off to school almost every morning. I kiss her on the head and I say, “Remember who made you.” She's at that age where it's becoming embarrassing for her, especially if her friends are walking by. It's simple, I get it; it’s a tad bit cheesy, I know, but I keep doing it because I can hear the whisper of the world in my subconscious mind. I see the billboards and ads telling a different story. The flood of whispers, the deluge of images, the onslaught of advertisements, all converging, all trying to convince my daughter that beautiful is nothing more than a waist size or a bust size that seeks attention. “Remember who made you,” I whisper back. As a father, the whispers of the world terrify me. What is even worse is that I know at the core of my heart that no matter how much I tell her it's not true (although I do as often as I get the opportunity), the only way she will believe it is if she knows the beauty of the one who made her. “Remember who made you.” I’ll forever remind her, until she believes that her creator is the one who paints the sunsets and hangs the stars, that He forms mountains and chooses the colors of her favorite flowers, that He was the one who formed her in her mother's womb. Until she knows this truth, she will allow some other person or idea to define beauty for her.

What makes creation beautiful is not its beholder, but its creator.

The world tries hard to put a value on life, and in the process it has destroyed much of God's beautiful creation. Whether physically or emotionally, through genocide, abortion, or the exploitation of women, when the world tries to set life’s value, life becomes a product that is used for consumption. We, however, were not created for that purpose, but rather to reflect the image of the one who created us. When we imagine the magnificence of all of the created things in the beginning and then realize that the master artist had not yet created His most magnificent work until He created us, it is only then that we change the way we see ourselves and one another.

Remember who made you.

Remember who you are.