In the west, the family is disintegrating. Though it was once the center of the human experience, the family seems more like a relic of the past or a rumor of what used to be. The idyllic dream of raising a family seems crushed beneath the weight of what this world has to offer. Racial tension, corrupt governments, growing corporations, imminent warfare, waning resources, expanding expectations in an over-stimulated, over-sexualized culture; perhaps many of us feel like raising a family is impossible. Raising our families in the way of the gospel is not only possible, but it is commanded. This is not just another task to do in our already crushing and over-committed lifestyles. This is one of the highest callings and most profound invitations ever given.

Story Catechism was written from this starting place. Story, the recounting of a sequence of events, has been a formative way of understanding and learning throughout history. Story has a way of revealing to the human soul something deeper than information, something more than knowledge. Story has a way of creating a bridge between the soul and the mind. Story has a way of creating passage between the turbulent waters and the place of refuge, passage between the brokenness of the human experience and the fullness of being human. Story creates sanctuary. Like an anchor, story embeds truth that captures us deeply.